My Wednesday Girls…..

This was market day last week. May 20th,2015 

I cannot remember when or how me and these girls started talking, but I know it was one day on the bus and as we all like to say, the rest is history. They are four amazing elementary school girls(Min Yung, Sin Ga Yeon, Kim Ji Yong and Sul Mul Lan) who take the bus with me every Wednesday. They are in the 6th grade. I actually teach Min Yung’s brother, who is a third grader (grade 9) at my Wednesday school. We take the 2:30 p.m. bus to my town and 3 of them live in my town, and Min Yung lives in my Wednesday school town. She only comes to my town for her piano lessons.

Apart from my students, they are the reason I look forward to Wednesdays. THEY ARE ALWAYS SO HAPPY AND EXCITED TO SEE ME, AND IT JUST WARMS MY HEART. Today was no different. As I turned the corner and as they were walking towards the bus area, all I heard was, “Meya come on” and they waved until we are close enough to hug each other.

After we get off the bus I take them for ice cream and we walk around my town until is time for piano lesson for all three girls accept for Sin Ga Yeon. Last week Wednesday was market day in my town, so we got waffles at one of the many stands that were out that day. The waffles were so yummy and had 4 toppings(whip cream, strawberry, chocolate, and green lime). She folded it into a sandwich and it was so yummy. All 4 of them bring out the kid in me and I will cherish our Wednesday moments forever and always.


                                             This was market day last week. May 20th,2015 

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