Ramadan: A Holy Month For Muslims Around The World

The messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) told us that, “When Ramadan begins, the 8 gates of Jannah (paradise) are opened, and the 7 gates of Hellfire are closed, and the devils are chained up.”

The mercy of Allah is Bestowed 


-Ramadan is one the 5 pillars of Islam

-Ramadan is the most important month for Muslims: therefore making it a very special month

-The month of Ramadan allows for forgiveness and erase of prior sins 
-Ramadan is when millions of Muslims around the world begin praying and fasting from sunrise to  sunset. 
-It`s a month dedicated solely to God 
-it`s a time of spiritual reflection 
-Ramadan start date depends on the observing of the moon 
-Ramadan is an important part of the Islamic calendar

-To focus on reciting the Quran daily and not be distracted by anything

-To establish Salah (prayers), focusing on praying 5 times a day and being able to concentrate in prayer

-To avoid listening to music the entire month (THIS IS GOING TO BE SO HARD FOR ME)

-To try to make or break a habit

-To devote yourself to the Mosque the last 10 days of Ramadan

-Making lots of dua (supplication or to ask God for something)

-Praying Taraaweeh/ night prayers 

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Prior to Ramadan 

-People have to ask for forgiveness from others and they also have to forgive others 

-People have to Make-up for missed days from the previous Ramadan 

-People make their intentions and have goals of what they want to achieve during Ramadan 

Why do Muslims Fast?

-To bring Muslims closer to God

-To give Sadaaqa to those in need (charity )

-To remind Muslims of how those less fortunate feel

-To be appreciative of what one has and give thanks for pleasures: such as eating, drinking and intercourse

-To learn to eat in moderation

-To enable Muslims to control their desires

-To practice self discipline, to avoid cursing, backbiting and engaging in arguments

Who is Exempt From Fasting? 

– Children, the elderly, the sick, people travelling, and women on their menstrual cycle are not obligated to fast

Ramadan Greetings 

-Ramadan Kareem

-Muslims and non-Muslims can say this before the start of Ramadan

-Ramadan Mubarak

-Muslims and non-Muslims can say this when is the first day of Ramadan

What do Muslim Eat to break their fast?

-Muslims traditionally break their fast like the Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him) did, with a sip of water, followed by some dates

-There is usually a big feast each night with family and friends

-Muslims can eat anything they want as long as its halal(usually blessed meat)

-Different food preference varies from culture and personal choice of taste

-After the feast people often head to the Mosque to pray the nightly prayer called, “Taraweeh“

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These are dates. This Picture was found on google

What is Suhoor and Iftar?

-Suhoor is when Muslims wake from sleep to eat and then wait to pray Fajr (the morning prayer)

-Iftar is the feast that happens with families or individuals to break the day`s fast 
-Suhoor happens at dawn and Iftar happens at dusk

What Happens After Ramadan?

-Upon successfully completing the month of Ramadan, comes a 3 day festive we call Eid-Al fitr

-Usually a goat is sacrificed to share amongst family, friends and the poor

-In most Muslim countries it is a 3 day holiday, but if you live North America due to work and other factors, well to my observance and knowledge Eid is only one day

-Usually we give Zakat (Charity)

-The grand opening is Ramadan and the grand closing is the celebration of Eid

-Muslims get dressed in their nicest attire and go to the Mosque to pray that morning, which we refer to as the Eid prayer

-After the prayer people usually kiss each other on the cheeks and say, “Eid Mubarak“, which in translation simply means Happy Eid

-Upon leaving the Mosques families either go to a restaurant to feast with friends or they usually have the feast at their homes

-Muslims usually exchange gifts among family and friends

-The kids get money from their parents

If anyone has any questions pertaining to this topic or anything about Islam, I will try my best to direct and answer. my e-mail is semeerah_a@hotmail.com or semeerahabdulqadir@gmail.com. I am wishing each and everyone of you a spiritual and successful Ramadan. May guide you all. 

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