The Great Escape: English Garden,Patchwork Studio

  전주시 중화산동 2가 750-7 English Garden
English Garden
750-7, Jungwhasan-dong 2ga, Jeonju, Jeonbuk, Korea

The Discovery of The English Garden Studio/ English Garden Reading Center 

My friend and I spent the day with her Korean sister from church and her children yesterday. It was an amazing day in Jeonju. A city 1 hour away from me, but half hour by car. We were going to go back to our town with them, but we decided to spend the afternoon in Jeonju and I am so glad we did. They drove off and we went on to explore. We were walking around the area when we passed a store that simply took us by surprise, so I told my friend for us to go in, as she was already looking at the store from the outside.

Another view of her studio, with her in the picture 

Eun Jeong (Studio Owner)

God makes you cross paths with people for a reason and to be honest I don’t know what his reasoning was for this amazing soul to cross paths with me, but I will be forever grateful for it. Jeon is honestly the most passionate, loving, gifted, creative and genuine being I have ever met in my entire life. This lady welcomed us into her studio with open arms and not only gave us a tour, but spent hours telling us about about her inspiration behind her work, a history about her life, her travel experiences and just pure wisdom to two young girls on a journey of finding out themselves. Yesterday was one of the most meaningful days I have had thus far in Korea. She has become one of my inspirations and now a friend, and I am so glad and honoured to call her a friend. God gives us all a calling, but some of us never get to live or fulfill, but this woman is doing that each and everyday with her life and that is through her art work. She has an eye for turning dark and unappealing things into colour, and giving it life.

She told us that we are always welcome to come into her shop, and borrow from her book collection. She even gave us travel tips as we are looking into travelling the world more. Her studio gave us a peace of mind and a positive space to think clear and relax. She even allowed me to pray in her studio and knew deeply about my religion, which made me so happy, because many of the Koreans I meet are not familiar with my religion. It was a great bonding time with a stranger, who we now proudly call our friend.

We are blessed to have found a creative space with an owner who is so full of life that you can feel it. For anyone looking to escape into a colourful world with a positive space to work and or to get inspired, please visit her studio and thank me later.  

Beautiful Chairs 

This was a featured article about her (above) and I took this picture because of her 2 of quotes that really spoke to me.

1.) “I create what I dream of and my works are based of what I love.”

This quote is just beautiful, and what we can all learn from this is, DO WHAT YOU LOVE AND LIVE YOUR DREAMS.

2.) I enjoy sharing art and what I find beautiful in traveling and nature.”

This quote we felt from her bonding time with us yesterday, and it is also felt through her work in her studio.

Old Traditional Korean Sewing Machines 

                                                                      So cool

                     Where we first sat when we got to the studio

                                                            Behind the counter

Where the Magic Happens
Another View 
Her Upcoming Project for her next inspirational piece 

The way she described these houses in the picture below blew my mind. This woman has an eye for detail and is in love with bringing light into anything dark in this world. Imagine a world where everyone sees brightness and colour even through the dark images and moments of life? Would it not make for a better universe? 

My Gift and the books I borrowed 

Her book and magazine collection (she has many around her studio)


My Mini PhotoShoot

I was in heaven and completely at peace yesterday.

Selfie Time! 

what I took out of this whole experience is that in life you should see the bright side of everything even during the dark moments or parts of life, we should all truly be in living colour.

If you any questions about this studio and what it offers please do not hestitate to e-mail me at

The studio’s owner Facebook page name is: Eun Jeong

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