4 thoughts on “The Best Way to Transfer Money Home (NH VS. KEB)

  1. When you talk about $3000 won, are you saying that it cost 3000 won? Remittance charges are separate from Telegraph charges, while Telegram charges are together with Remittance charges (like Foreign Auto Transfer) or with Internet Banking (Do you mean that every international wire transfer you make has a fixed fee of 5000 won?), correct? And Intermediary charges are for all international wire transfers, right? These fees don't change for any amount that you send to overseas, does it? Say that I want to send 1000 USD to my bank account, then all of those fees listed for NH are fixed? For the KEB section, they charge either the Online Transfer fee (fixed fee?) or Auto Transfer (fixed fee as well?) with an extra charge that depends on the amount that you send (that is the chart that you gave below with the amounts in USD that you are sending back home and the corresponding KRW charge for that amount that you're sending back?), am I correct? Sorry for all the questions. I just really want to research all of this thoroughly (since this is the only time I'll be free to do all this research stuff because the next time I have break, that will be when I need to start the long process before applications are due most likely.) before I have to go through the ESL teacher hiring process because I'm pretty sure I'll be too overwhelmed and busy by that time, which means no time for anything else. Plus, I keep seeing KEB everywhere but I just feel so uncertain about their stuff. Your article (or page) has been really helpful and actually details it out for me, so I'm really thankful that you wrote this out, instead of saying GET THIS OR THAT B/C IT'S GOOD kind of thing.

  2. I am so sorry, please e-mail me semeerah_a@hotmail.com. I am so sorry that I was not clear, but let me start off by giving you their number 15882100 that is their office number not the branch. I meant 3,000 won (so 5 dollars Canadian or so). Those are the fixed fees yes, but their is also a bank charge from your bank back home. I do believe they are fixed because that is the same fees I get charged for sending 2 million won Korean or less every month, but don't quote me, but to my knowledge I believe so. Anything I quote above that is not in Korean won, would be in Canadian dollars and that is also a rough estimate of what it would be. Please email me semeerah_a@hotmail.com and I can give you my number to call me

  3. Thank you for your wonderful feedback and honestly this is why I posted this, because I was just as lost and confused to be honest, and KEB i personally think is all for the hype and just because is word of mouth and well advertised was why I also switched but honestly is more expensive

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