The City That Stole My Heart

                               Gwangalli Beach

Our view from our motel 

It Was Love At First Sight 

Imagine waking up every morning to the sound of beautiful waves and walking on to the beautiful beach shore. Imagine this being your Chuseok holiday view for a good 4 days. This was my reality this past weekend. It was love at first sight and now I can surely tell you that I believe in love at first sight. I am forever and will always be in love with the city of Busan. This was my first time visiting this magnificent city and I will be sure to return back soon and hopefully many times more before I leave Korea. We stayed at Dong Hyun Motel, which was right behind Gwangalli Beach.

Busan Tour 

My friend booked the Busan Beach Life For Chuseok Tour with a company called Wink Korea. This company arranges Tours all over Korea mainly for foreigners and let me tell you this trip was well organized, minus us waiting for the bus pickup in Daejon for over an hour. Keep in mind it was well over 245am or so when they arrived and they were suppose to come at 1:30 a.m. The owner I believe whose name is William was not very apologetic for the tardiness and it was very upsetting, but his tour guide employee, Buran was a breath of fresh air. This man did an amazing job showing us around Busan, but his love for his work just was so transparent, and even me as a teacher I wish I had such love or passion for what I do, I am not saying I don’t but lol I wish it was as strong as his love for his work. He was great and Jen the lady replacing him when he departs was also great. I tell ya though there is something about us Canadians lol, because they were both from Canada. We just have that Je ne sais quoi factor (pardon my french).

And So it Began……….Day 1 (Tour A)

We met up for brunch at Sharky’s Bar and Grill. Our tour guide had already placed our order in advance. I ordered a spicy beef chimichanga. It was very delicious, but it did get very salty towards the end. Side note:The guy who served us was HOT AS EVER…….LAWD HAVE MERCY, AND HIS ENGLISH WAS GREAT. You get to stare into the beautiful shores of Gwangalli beach while eating, like what is life? Amazing food, amazing company and a beautiful view. What more can you ask for? After our bellies were full it was time for the tour to start. Below is the address and website for Sharkys.

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부산광역시 해운대구 해운대해변로298번길 24 팔레드시즈 팔레드 시즈 2층

Our first stop was at the Memorial Cemetery Korea(The UNCK-United Nations Cemetery of Korea). This was an emotional stop, but very much appreciated to see how many people sacrificed their young lives for a better future for the Korean people. This was a very humbling experience and one that I will never forget. The sight is a must see and their website is

                                         Video By: Meya

My favourite moment or I should say that touched me the most was this waterway for the youngest fallen soldier from Australia who died at the age of 17 on November 6, 1951. What a brave and courageous young man and he was also a Scorpio, so I know he was full of life and passion as we most November babies and scorpions tend to be.

This was a random photo spot at the park and I took it because my students love Pororo lol so I will be showing them this.

We were then off to the Busan Citizen’s park, which a former US military station. The park was huge, but beautiful.  The park had a maze which we could not figure out lol, but some people did. We just walked the park and relaxed. Below is a video of my favourite place at the park. The water from the falls made for a nice mist and it was especially cooling because it was hot that day.

I was feeling myself and enjoying this tour. Can’t you tell?

                            Video By: Meya

We then stopped at a craft beer brewing place and it was pretty cool, but this part was boring for me because I don’t drink. but now I know how beer is made, lol and another side note: the beer owner was from Canada. From the Beer store we were then off to our Korean BBQ dinner and since it was pork based, I had to order beef. The beef was amazing and Korean BBQ is actually my favourite Korean dish.

After dinner we were off to explore the Busan nightlife but it wasn’t saying much, and it was because all the university students obviously went home for the holidays and I was quite excited for this part, but I will go back on a regular weekend to really experience their nightlife. We went to a club called Ghetto(the name threw me off lol) and it was a hip hop club. The club was big and though the DJ was wack lol it was a nice size club. I was told that at 2am was when the club started to pop, but we left before then because it was dead and the DJ wasn’t saying much lol. We were also going to go off to a club called yaman, but the taxi driver couldn’t take us there so we gave up and all the clubs that were popping that night were all techno clubs and I am not about that life.

The Universitty area is called Kyunsung where the nightlife is apparently lit and our tour guide told us Busan downtown area is also known for their nightlife, but Gwangalli beach area had lots of clubs and bars to choose from, so when you do go to Busan one day honestly just walk along the beach area and there will be plenty of clubs, bars and restaurants to choose from. I highly recommend Fuzzy Navel bar (they played hip hop) and Thursday Party. Restaurant wise I would highly recommend Burger and Pasta, Butcher’s Burger and I swear there is another one, but for the life of me it is not coming to me, but e-mail me at for any questions on Busan.

Day 2-Tour B

This was by far my favourite day and the most busiest day. Our firsrt stop was at the Gamcheon Cultural village and it was dope. It did require a lot of walking, but with its colourful houses, murals and lots of places for photos it was well worth the walking. We were then off to Taejongdae and let me tell you this was my favourite part of this entire trip. It was so beautiful and made me feel completely at peace. Many people decided to do the cliff walk, but I stayed at pebble beach to relax and enjoy nature. We then went to the fish market (the smell was awful, but nonetheless a good experience). We then ventured off into the Nampo-dong shopping area (it was like a mini Myeon-dong) and last but not least we stopped at the Busan tower and let me tell you, BUSAN IS A BEAUTIFUL CITY FROM THE TOP TO THE BOTTOM. 
   This is the top of Gamcheon culture village 
  This is the view of pebble beach at Taejongdae. 
This was the view after you walk out the Jagalchi fish market.
            Busan Tower and it’s beautiful view 
The great thing about this tour was that everything was so close to each other so I would recommend this tour because it will be easy to navigate even without a tour guide as everything is so close to each other. I highly recommend that everyone goes to Busan before leaving Korea and oh you can thank me later. 

Day 3-Tour C 

The last day of the tour had come and I was so sad that it was winding down. Though tour B was my favourite I also enjoyed tour C. Our first stop of the day was at Yonggungsa Temple and it was beautiful and so peaceful. I actually went inside the temple and it was a surreal experience. We were then off to the most famous beach in busan, Haeundae beach. It was huge and more crowded than Gwangalli beach. When you walk off the beach there are many stores and restaurants. We decided to go to the Busan Sea Life Aquarium and it was so cool. It is towards the end of the beach.

                 The beautiful temple

                         Busan Aquarium

Busan it has been so real and until we meet again you will always have a place in my heart, after all it was love at first sight.

I wish was able to share every detailed moment of this wonderful tour with you all, but I will be more than happy to answer and guide you to any place you would like more information on, so please do not hesitate to contact me via e-mail at

Wondering when will be a perfect time to fall in love with this beautiful city? It would be with their upcoming famous fireworks festival held right on Gwangalli beach, Gwangan bridge. For more information please click on this link:

                              And they lived happily ever after.

                                        The  End!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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