Cirque du Soleil Quidam Review

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Speechless Reaction the Entire Show 

Looking for an experience of a life time? Do you want to be blown away from start to finish? Do you want to be taken on a journey out of this world? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then Cirque du Soleil Quidam is for you. I have never experienced such beauty and perfection of the human body in my 25 years of living. I would recommend anyone that is in Seoul or planning to visit Seoul these upcoming weeks to take the time to purchase tickets and go experience such brilliance and escape to a world far beyond the one we live in.

Picture taken from Interpark(

Venue and price:

Big Top Theater in Jamsil Sports Complex 
Tapis Rouge(Tapis Rouge) 250,000 Won 
SR 160,000 Won 
R 140,000 Won 
S 100,000 Won 
A 60,000 Won 

Date: Thursday September 10th- Sunday November 8th 2015 


Mondays:(No show)

Tuesday-Friday:(8 p.m.)

Saturday:(3 and 7 p.m.)

Sundays:(2 and 6 p.m.)

Age Group: All 

Tickets: available online in English at Interpark Global 

Info:  About the show will also be at Interpark Global, google or the Cirque Du Soleil site at


-If you go to the Big top theater, you can take a subway which is line number 2.
-Then get off at Sports Complex station (exit no. 6 or 7) 
USE THE SEOUL SUBWAY APP (it will be of great help, trust me)
-If you go by taxi, please show the taxi driver the address below: 
The information below I got right from the ticket confirmation email. 
Cancellation Fee :
Cancellation Date Cancellation Fee
Fri. Oct 02 2015 ~ Sun. Oct 04 2015 10% (of the ticket price)
Mon. Oct 05 2015 ~ Thu. Oct 08 2015 20% (of the ticket price)
Fri. Oct 09 2015 ~ Sat. Oct 10 2015 30% (of the ticket price)
Cancellation fees may differ according to the day the cancellation is made.
Reservation fees cannot be refunded if the tickets are cancelled after the day the reservation was made.

Additional Information:

-We paid 60,000 Won(for each ticket) and the seats were great.

-We went to the Sunday show that was at 6 p.m.

-After you pay, you will get a confirmation e-mail that you will then print to bring with you the day of the show.
-I would recommend arriving 30 minutes before the show, and the venue will be behind the Complex
-They have snacks (hot dogs, popcorn and drinks before entering the show)
-They also have Burger King, KFC and other restaurants in the sports complex before you go further in to find the theater
-There are lots of places to take pictures and before the show there will be a booth outside with a Michael  Jackson wax figure to take pics with(AWESOME). 
  I would love to know what you thought of the show, so for those of you that will go see this impeccable show please let me know about your experience and oh thank me later!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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