A Beautiful Bliss-Bali

Bali door designs are to die for. The second picture is a temple that’s right after Ubud Palace.
Bali Currency
1. 100,000 Rp (1 red note)  =  $10 USD
2. 50,000 Rp (1 blue note) = $5 USD
3. 1,000,000 Rp (10 red note) = $100 USD
(for more information about Indonesian currency, please email me)
All of these pictures are taken by me.

Take me back. I miss Bali so much. There is something about Bali, I swear. Anybody that knows me can tell you that I am not the most patient person you’ll come across, but Bali FORCED me to slow things down and find peace. It took me on a blissful journey that I honestly cannot put into words. I yearn for this feeling everyday now. Bali allowed me to let go of everything that was weighing me down. It allowed me to feel free, COMPLETELY FREE. I went to Bali with excess baggage, but I left as light as a feather.

I took these while walking in Downtown Ubud.


I fell in love with Bali when one of Korean best friends went in May 2015. I was suppose to accompany her, but I went home that summer. As she posted pictures and videos of her journey I slowly became infatuated. May 16th, 2016 was my departure date from Seoul International Airport to Denpasar International Airport. I arrived at half past midnight and a driver from the hotel came to pick me up. My hotel arranged for a driver to pick me up, because I requested it in advance. Ala’s Green Lagoon Guest house is an amazing place to stay. It was recommended to me by a friend and I recommend it to all of you. I woke up in paradise, literally.

This video is of Ala’s Green Lagoon

Entrance to the Guesthouse


I stayed in Ubud. The cultural art and heart of Bali. Ubud also has breathtaking temples everywhere. Ubud gives you a feeling and experience you will not get or find anywhere else, I PROMISE.


It took us about 2 hours to get to Ubud from the Bali Airport. There was no traffic as it was very late, so maybe with the traffic in the afternoon it might take longer. I left on May 24th at around 5 a.m. and it took under 2 hours to get back to the airport. It was not easy to say goodbye, at all.
 The welcome mat is in the entrance to their rooms. The second picture is showing where the guesthouse is, so if you see this sign then you know you’re in the right place.

Accommodation- Ala’s Green Lagoon

The guesthouse was beautiful and the owner and his staff were wonderful. The owner was super funny and really friendly. You get a family vibe when you stay here. My room was cleaned everyday and they served breakfast daily. They arranged all my daily tours for the 7 days I stayed in Bali. They offer airport pick and drop offs.
                                                    You can book on booking.com

Email: alagreenlagoon@yahoo.com
  Website: www. alasgreenlagoon.com
Tel: 0361-970476
This is their breakfast menu. The last picture is on the menu is the owner with his family.
This was my daily breakfast. I am so sad that I couldn’t find the 7th picture of what I ate. I swear I took the picture, lol. This is so depressing.
1. Fried rice, with fried egg on top
2. Black Rice Pudding (my fave)
3. Green Pancake
4. Combination Rice (my least fav)
5. Jaffle
6. Cheese, tomato and egg sandwich
7. I had the banana taco, maybe I forgot to take the picture, lol, but I defintely had it. It was delicious

This was after I left the Elephant Cave Temple. It was brutally hot, so I got a coconut to cool myself down. It was under $2 USD.


OMG! Bali weather is HOT, HOT, HOT, HOT, LIKE HOT. I would walk outside and my poor makeup would be sweated out even before midday. BALI IS HOT, LOL, goodness gracious. I would say 30 to 40 degrees Celsius, so about 86 to 104 Fahrenheit.


PACK LIGHT, because there will be lots to buy in Bali.
-Sunscreen (1)
– shorts(5), tanks(5), slippers(1), flats(1),swimsuits(5 or 6)
-underwear (lots of them) because of the heat
– sunglasses, hiking shoes, bug spray
TIP: Count how many days you will be in Bali and have 1-2 outfits for each day. 

What can you see or do in Bali?


-Paon Bali Cooking Classes
-Traditional dance performances (usually start at 7:30 p.m.)
-Scooter/ Motorbike rentals ( the same thing)
-Rice Fields
-Yoga (Yoga barn studio)
-Hiking (Mount Batur)
-Art Galleries
-Breathtaking Scenery
-Wild Life
-Rich Culture
-Interact With Locals
-Tea and coffee tasting (yummy)
-UC Silver Factory
-Monkey Forest
-Reflexology (Sandat Bali Guesthouse-ASK FOR PAPA)

This was my first day in Bali, so I took a few selfies before heading out.

What I did in Bali…..You Ready? Drum Roll Please

Now the moment you have all been waiting for. My adventurous week in Bali is below. 1 WEEK IN BALI WAS NOT ENOUGH.

The Blanco Renaissance Museum

Inside the Renaissance Museum


Day 1

I went to The Blanco Renaissance Museum(it has a restaurant and Balinese Dance on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays), Batuan Temple and then Baturiti Garden to try Balinese coffee and tea. It was beautiful. I then went to downtown Ubud (Ubud Palace,Museum Puri Liksan). I also stopped at an art making place. The last stop of the day was at Sandat Bali, where you can have Papa perform reflexology on you. He was so sweet and I will definitely go back and see him.

Fact: Luwak coffee is the most expensive coffee in the world. 
You could purchase the teas and coffees at the shop on the way out. The shop also has fragrances and great souvenirs to get for your loved ones.
    Batuan Temple

Day 2

I went to the Rice Terrace fields, Elephant Cave Temple, Tegenungan Water fall (20 minute drive from Ubud), Monkey forest and then I went to Bisma Spa(Details will be on a next blog post).

The Cave

The elephant cave grounds

Terrace Rice Fields

Tegenungan Waterfall….I WAS IN HEAVEN

Chef Meya

Day 3

I went to Mountain Batur for a hike that would forever change my life(Blog post coming soon). This was the highlight of my trip and I will never forget it. After the Hike I went back to the hotel for a nap and then I got ready for my Balinese cooking class.
This was an amazing experience and below is the information to book a class.

Phone: +62-(0)-81-337-000-303
email: subawaubud@yahoo.ca
website: www.paon-bali.com

She’s AMAZING, an absolute doll.


Day 4

I went to Friday prayer at  a Mosque in Gianyar. a half hour drive from Ubud. After the Mosque I went to change and headed to the Tirtha Temple. I then went for lunch at Pangkon Bali with my driver for the day. The fried duck was amazing. After Lunch I went to Venezia Spa and boy oh boy, boy oh boy, it was AMAZING. After the Spa I went to a mini cafe along Monkey Forest road to kill time before the Kecak Ramayana and fire Dance. It was spectacular. The fire dance was my favourite, but the scariest thing I have ever witnessed in my entire life. The man was dancing on fire, BAREFOOTED. Like what? Real fire people, REAL FIRE.




Day 5- Kuta and Seminyak Day-Beach Day-My beach is better
Before heading off the city for the day, we stopped at UC silver factory, to see how jewellery is made. I was shocked that the workers had no gloves, and only some wore masks. I spend the day in Kuta and then went off to Seminyak to visit the Dream Museum Zone (DMZ), also known as the Bali Trick Art 3D Gallery. I then stopped at Seminyak beach to have dessert at Blue Ocean restaurant. 

TIP: There are lots of ladies at Kuta beach that will offer you the following services
1. Manicure and pedicure
2. Foot massage/head massage/face massage/hand massage
3. Full body massage

                                                                    Silver Factory

                                                  Kuta Beach


Day 6-Temple Day

This day was my last day of touring. I started off at Tanah Lot Temple (my favourite temple in Bali), then stopped for lunch on the way at a restaurant close to the temple. I had duck again, and it was okay. I then went to Jimbaran seafood market, but  I didn’t stay there long, because the smell got to me. My driver said if you go early in the morning you get to see all the boats pull up and it gets quite crowded. I then went off to Pantai Pandawa beach and by far my favourite beach in Bali. It was less crowded and more scenic, at least to me anyways. My last stop on my fabulous week tour was at Uluwatu Temple A.K.A. the water temple. My goodness gracious was I in paradise. I had no words for the views that I was able to witness. I got emotional, because it was absolutely breathtaking. I was exhausted and this day was by far the most scenic out of all the days. On my way back to Ubud my driver suggested I stopped at Krisna store. This store is huge and you can get amazing gifts and souvenirs to bring back home. It was a bad idea, because there was so much to buy. They only ACCEPT CASH, unless you spend 20 USD or more then they will take credit. I went back to the hotel to shower and crash. I was pooped.

Tanah Lot Grounds



Tanah Lot 

                                                 Uluwatu Temple
                                                Pandawa Beach

Tanalot Temple

Day 7-That one time I went on a scooter.

There are more scooters/motor bikes than there are cars in Bali. My driver told me is because the public transportation in Bali is not reliable. He also said is cheaper to own a motor bike than a car.
Sigh. Why did this day had to come, lol. I was not ready to leave, yet. I packed and relaxed after a long week. My tours lasted all day, but they were so much fun. My owner used his scooter bike to drop me off and pick me up. It was such a cool experience. I did go with my owner to his store past downtown Ubud for a few things for my friends wedding, that I went to after Bali, in Myanmmar (blog post coming soon about that amazing adventure). I then stopped at a card on the same road, and let’s just say I was in heaven and went card crazy. I headed back to the hotel to finish packing, shower and pray, then off to my FINAL spa appointment I went. The spa was called Lily Spa, where I bought my sister a vintage Bali bag and a sarong(a traditional Balinese wrap).

That one time I went on a scooter

Honourable Mentions (Things I did not get to do, but were on my Itinerary)

1. Bali Safari and Marine Park
2. Child’s Star Massage (on Monkey Forest Road)
3. Gili Islands
4. Lombok (Muslim area)
5. Waterbom water park (Seminyak)
6. Nusa Dua Beach


The phrase below is one I heard quite often among the Bali locals.

“No money, no honey.” No money, no honey.”

Bali, until next time. You will forever have a place in my heart, so don’t forget me and I will never, ever, ever forget you.



Jimbaran Seafood Market

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