Love Definitely Lives Here…………..A Myanmar Love Story


I am a sucker for love and adventure, so it was no surprise that I flew in for my dear friend, Jimmy’s wedding. I went from Bali to Myanmar. Myanmar is beautiful and rich in tradition.

The sign says: “Welcome to Yangon” and then the rest were in Burmese letters
The Taxi driver didn’t let me be great. He didn’t slow down for me to get a clear shot.

The taxi driver initially drove me to the wrong hotel, because the other hotel had a similar name to this one, but nonetheless after a long day I was excited to have been able to check in.

Review On KH Hotel, Kokkine

I found this hotel on, with the help of my friend’s mom. Due to strict immigration policies I was not allowed to stay with him and his family. Without a proper hotel address my visa would have been declined.

– 5 nights=325 USD.
-They accept VISA, CASH (USD)
-They offer laundry service
-The room was cleaned everyday
-They were super friendly
-There’s a restaurant close to the hotel
-There’s a mall, which is walking distance from the hotel: Myanmar Plaza 
-They will give you a map
-They can call a Taxi for you
-The beds are super comfy
-The room is spacious
-The overall aura of the room is comforting

My first meal in Myanmar and it was so delicious. 


Visa Process

Canadians need a visa to enter Myanmar. Other countries might need a visa too, but check the link below to see if you require a visa to enter Myanmar.

They will notify you through email, whether your visa was approved or not. The fee is 50 US dollars, which is non-refundable.

This email below was to notify me that I needed accommodation other than my friend’s place.

Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for applying visa with us. We require following information for the passport number (—–) to process the application.
– Address in Myanmar (Tourists must stay in registered hotels, motels, inns, guest house and resort during your stay in Myanmar.)
Kindly reply to us with requested information not later than March 30, 2016. Failing to do so will result rejection of the application. We look forward to hear from you at your soonest time. Thank you.
Ministry of Immigration and Population


Visa Approval Conformation

Dear Sir/Madam,

We are pleased to inform that your eVisa application for the passport number (———) has been approved and eVisa approval letter has been issued. You can download your eVisa Approval Letter at this link ( Please print out the eVisa approval letter and present it at the Immigration upon arrival.

Ministry of Immigration and Population

Shwedagon Pagoda

The day I l flew in we went to see the most famous tourist attraction in Myanmar, Shwedagon Pagoda. I was blown away.  Once, you enter the grounds of the temple, you have to be bare foot and quiet,because people are praying and in worship.








The last two pictures are of me pouring holy water on my birth month statue.

Fun Facts:

-I kept my entrance ticket and donation receipt

-I was the only black and Muslim woman at the temple and at his wedding, which is a usual occurrence with my travels, in and around Asia.  This means I always stand out. I somehow always feel a sense of responsibility to be a proper representation of my race and religion, as they both get a lot of slack from the media.

Enough, about the process of how to get into Myanmar and all the other stuff. LET’S TALK ABOUT LOVE. LET’S TALK ABOUT THE BIGGEST DAY OF MY FRIEND’S LIFE. Getting to see these two love birds get married was an honour. It is something I will forever cherish. I thank them for letting me be apart of their special day. Their wedding gave me  hope;TRUE LOVE isn’t EXTINCT.

I love weddings. This wedding was absolutely breathtaking. I got to wear Burmese traditional wear, thanks to my friend’s mom. His family were angels, whom welcomed me with open arms.

Burmese Traditional Clothing 

This outfit was for the morning gift drop off, at the bride’s house. The monks also came to pray for the lovely couple. We were served lunch and it was so yummy.

This outfit was for the dinner party, which also took place at the bride’s house.

This outfit was for the morning, signing ceremony. The venue, was so pretty.

The last fit was for the BIG AND MAIN EVENT.

The entire weekend had me feeling like a celebrity, because of  all the outfit changes.


The food at the reception was YUMMY. The presentation of the food speaks for itself.

The food at the signing was also great. It was light refreshment, because it was in the morning.

Wedding Ceremony and Wedding Reception


WHO: Michelle & Jimmy
WHAT: Wedding
WHERE: Yangon, Myanmar
 WHEN- May 27th-28th
The main event was on May 28th, 2016.
WHY- To celebrate love, TRUE LOVE, THAT IS
 HOW- Through their traditional Burmese Chinese/Burmese customs



The venues, for both the morning and evening ceremony were just BEAUTIFUL.




All that ICE though….It was blinding me. BLING, BLING!!!
 My Favourite moment of their ENTIRE wedding
Love definitely lives here, it will forever and EVER. Can I get an Ameen? Ameen




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