Believing In Your Brand


The video below is me introducing the line at the tradeshow.


The International Make-Up Artist Trade Show(IMATS), is where “thousands of makeup artists, vendors and enthusiasts discuss, display and collect the best the industry has to offer.”

There were beautiful booth displays and enthusiasts from all over Canada in attendance.


Toronto is a great city for various events and this past weekend was no different. The International Make-up Artist Trade Show took place at the Metro Toronto Convention centre. It was my first time hearing about it and attending.



I was told about the event from my friend who knew one of the vendors. He needed an Assistant to help him sell and promote his line. The line is called; Dhemys Cosmetics. I was hesitant at first, as I have never heard about this show but fast forward to the weekend and I was so glad I took the opportunity because it was an amazing one.

The love and passion he had for make-up and his brand spoke VOLUMES. I was truly inspired by his confidence, belief, and deliverance of his line. Below are the complimentary gifts I received from working at his booth(813). After working with his brand this weekend and trying them on myself and my mother, I myself now truly BELIEVE in his brand.

The liquid cream matte(LCM 01-04) comes in 4 colours. I can vouch that they are long lasting, helps make your lips smooth and will definitely make you stand out.


They have two palettes; ESP 01 and ESP 02. They are “infused with moisture ingredients and vitamins.”


This is their warm eyeshadow palette (ESP O1), with their nude tone lipstick in satin (LSM 02 and 04).


This is their eyeshadow palette (ESP 2), with their beautiful colourful lipstick in satin, (LSS 1 and 3). This palette is great for all seasons, especially fall.


Saturday, October 1st,2016-October 2nd,2016

9:oo a.m.-5:00 p.m. and 10 a.m.- 5:00 p.m.


To promote, advertise and sell their new line. The fearlessness he had was also admirable. There were the world’s biggest cosmetics lines, but that did not phase him. Ladies and gentleman, the power of the mind and believing that though in a world full of similar things, ideas that yours is unique and has something to offer in a competitive industry is priceless.


The Cosmetics line can be ordered through their website(which will be up and running in 2 weeks), or contact them through Instagram and or Facebook

Lessons I walked away with:

Working with this brand this past weekend taught me 5 lessons about life.

1. Believe in yourself before looking for others approval.

2. Your dreams will not work or move unless you do.

3. Take Chances.

4. Believe in your BRAND.

5. Be open to criticism. Allow and accept it, as it will better you and your brand.


The products on me: Review


  1. Eyebrows- Waterproof brow pencil (BEL 08) in dark brown
  2. Eyes- Palette for the golden/brown tone (ESP 01 )
  3. Lips- Lip cream matte (LCM 02).


  • The mettalic shades palette is perfect for all skin types and it goes on so smoothly.
  • The lipstick lasted me all night and made me stand out.


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  1. Yay!!! I love that you got to work firsthand with the brand!!! I wanna see the
    Lipstick on you girl ❤️ Jeje

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