26 Things I Learned before Turning 27


Although the thought of turning 27 has been giving me anxiety, I have realized that it is beyond a blessing to grow older, as many people don’t often get that. I also realized that . Society has a way of making us, especially women feel ashamed about getting older, but I truly believe that each year should hold more value, as it just gives you more time to learn about your-SELF AND DISCOVERY the world around you and beyond, Lord willing. Life is a beautiful celebration and getting older is part of that, society has it all wrong when it comes to their distorted view of getting older. Getting older means God is not done with you yet. God is continuing to give you purpose, to fulfill your destiny.

I remember having a conversation with a female customer when I was working in retail about 5 years ago and as I write this her words echo in my ear; “everything about life started to make sense to me at 30.” I cannot remember how we got into the age discussion, but that’s where I realized that age is not only nothing but a number, but rather what you do at each age and how much you learn and discover about yourself is what truly matters.

Life is a wonderful adventure and mine as been nothing short of amazing. Below is a reflection of things I have learned and continue to learn before turning 27, Lord willing on November 9th. Birthday celebrations are a very important part of my blueprint and anybody that is apart of my life know that I go all out for my birthday, each year. Birthdays should be celebrated, as that’s when God blessed the world with your presence. So, without further ado, here are the 26 life lessons I have learned and continue to learn, in no particular order:

  2. I kept looking for love in my exes and not within myself
  3. The universe listens, so I started to watch my tongue
  4. I stopped using the word “can’t”
  5. I began to feel more comfortable with saying NO.
  6. Vision boards are life-See it, pray for it, put it in practice
  7. I was expecting a man to love me, when I did not know how to love myself
  8. There is no manual for life- I write mine daily, with all of my life experiences
  9. Writing is therapeutic
  10. It is okay when things do not go according to plan
  11. It is okay to lose and let go of people who disrupt your peace and happiness
  12. Traveling is good for the soul
  13. Traveling allows for an open mind
  14. All you have to do is start
  15. Patience is hard, but it is one of life best kept practice
  16. Everything happens for a reason
  17. The best relationship to always maintain FIRST is the one with yourself.
  19. Eat lots and try new cuisine (My name is Meya and I am a foodie)
  20. Run like Usain Bolt away from your comfort zone
  21. Wearing makeup does not mean YOU do not love the way you look
  22. Be unapologetic in who you are and what you stand for
  23. It is okay to be single in your 20s (THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH ME)
  24. Worrying does not solve anything
  25. Learning never stops
  26. I am exactly where God wants me to be, right here, right now.


I am excited for all that God has in store for me, and I promise myself to stop feeling like I have to have it all together by a certain age. Life won’t be life if it was all beds and roses, life won’t be life if it was all suppose to make sense, so enjoy the bumps on the road, enjoy the stops and breakdowns, because I promise you it will all make sense one day. What are your thoughts on getting older?

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