How I Overcame my Standstill


I was ashamed of heading back to retail. I felt like I was going 10 steps back, because I thought me and the retail industry were divorced for good. Lisa Nichols (motivational speaker and life coach) words kept echoing in my ears; “I have to be own rescue. No one’s going to rescue me.” I have been meaning to write this blog post for about 2 weeks now, but I was too ashamed to admit to myself and others around me that I was working in retail AGAIN, though it is just for the time being. I am writing this now to stay true to myself and to live my truth. My name is Semeerah Abdulqadir and I am at a standstill in life right now and that is OKAY.

The mind is our biggest enemy, but only if we allow it. Another one of Lisa’s Nichols quotes resonates with my situation; “Other people’s perception of you ain’t none of your business.” I was so worried about what people would say about me that I forgot the power in doing what I am doing. The truth is me getting up daily and doing what I have to do is strength. The truth is me writing this write now is also strength. We doubt ourselves so much and in doing so we forget how strong we are. I am willing to inconvenience myself for my conviction. The quote below is in my journal and my notes to always remind me that I can work a day job, but I shall never forget what keeps the firing burning inside me, which is writing and connecting with others.


 “It is not always about monetizing your passion, let your investor do that (AKA your job), so your passion is not always for profit. Your investor takes care of your needs and then you go do your passion.” Lisa Nichols 

The video below was sent by my Best friend Daharis. Ladies and gentlemen, this is a game changer. I am a work in progress. I am in a transformation period, but I promise to stay true to myself and always fuel my passion during the process, and if I ever got stuck I will always replay this video to get back up. I inspire you all to do the same. The only thing holding you back from getting up is YOU.

Below is an exercise I do once or twice a week, but Lisa suggests we practice this daily. I stand in front of my bathroom mirror and I say the following 3 sentences in 7 different ways:

“I am proud that I am”

“I forgive you for “

“I commit to you that”

  1. I am proud that I am working towards a better version of me
  2. I am proud that I got myself a temporary job
  3. I am proud that I am always able to get out my comfort zone
  4. I am proud that I am always willing to learn new things
  5. I am proud that I am a woman
  6. I am proud that I am more in love with myself
  7. I am proud of my journey thus far

This second sentence is always the hardest for me, so I do it 3 or 4 times, even sometimes we tears, because as much as I tell myself I forgive myself for a lot of things, in my sub conscious I have not.

  1. Meya, I forgive you for allowing your past to destroy your NOW.
  2. Meya, I forgive you for saying mean things about yourself
  3. Meya, I forgive you for loving a man and committing to a man, before loving and committing to yourself first.
  4. Meya, I forgive you for not letting go of your hurt
  5. Meya, I forgive you for not celebrating YOU enough
  6. Meya, I forgive you for blaming yourself for a man who did not know how to treat you right
  7. Meya, I forgive you for not writing all those times you wanted to


TIP: Celebrate yourself first, before you want others to celebrate you.

  1. Meya, I commit to you that I will work on controlling my mind
  2. Meya, I commit to you that I will love you always and forever; flaws and all
  3. Meya, I commit to you that I will work on my relationship with you before yearning for a relationship with a man
  4. Meya, I commit to you that even on your bad days you will not be so hard on yourself
  5. Meya, I commit to you that I will love you always and forever; flaws and all 
  6. Meya, I commit to you that your next relationship will be healthy and you will not lose yourself
  7. Meya, I commit to you that I will say I love you more daily, rather than waiting for those around me to say it


This is the first time in weeks I have been able to write freely without fear of others judging me or me judging myself.

5 thoughts on “How I Overcame my Standstill

  1. This is amazing and inspiring! This video started closer to the end but I’m going to book mark this so I can watch it when I get home 🙂

    1. Girllllllll, Thank you so much, I am so sorry that I am just seeing this, everytime I see a comment like this, honestly even if it’s just one or two, I swear it makes my day, we are fighting and going through the same battles, and we can all overcome it. Society has made it tough for us, especially this generation,telling us that we should have it all together by this age and that age, but who said life has a memo, smh, we are all taking our own paths and leaving our unique foot prints. Lisa Nichols is heaven sent, please let me know what you think of the video. I have watched this video a trillion times and girl I swear to you, omg, I get something out of it every single time, my blog notepad is full of all our quotes, please try the exercise and I promise you eventually you’ll see a difference. We are our longest commitment, so we have to do what it takes to work on us daily and learn to celebrate us before we look to family and friends to celebrate us. This comment just made my evening, Thanks a lot girl.

        1. This post was my most vulnerable post to date and I felt I had to be as real and honest as possible. Thanks, love

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