Start Now!-10 Things to Ponder Before The New Year Comes


We are just 5 days away from the New Year and I already see everywhere on social media New Year resolutions,accompanied by the famous line;”New Year, New Me.” I don’t believe in New Year resolutions, because most of us don’t end up ever committing to them or we wait until the next year to make more for the following year. Ladies and gentlemen, you should aspire to  be great and strive to be your best every blessed day the Lord gives you. We always wait for tomorrow, next week, next month and of course next year. Why not start now? Why not give yourself a jump start? I have started and I challenge you to do the same. I want you ALL to start to strive for a positive and more fulfilled life, TODAY. We get so preoccupied with our daily life and forget that tomorrow is not promised to any of us. We have now. We have today, so all each and everyone of us can do is be the best we can be today. Below are list of 10 things I want you all to ponder and sip tea on, before going out and ringing in the New Year.


  1. Don’t go into the New Year with guilt, pity or feeling down on yourself. We are our biggest critics, but take it easy on yourself, love. You’re doing great. Pep talks are life savers, and you should try to do them when you wake and before bed.
  2.  Follow your heart, believe in yourself, before you want anyone else to believe in you. We often look for validation from the outside world, before finding it from within.
  3. Love yourself and allow yourself to make mistakes. It is human to make errors. You know what mistakes show? It shows that you’re trying. It shows that you’re stronger and smarter than you think. You’re learning and putting yourself out there, by making mistakes.
  4. Trust issues and insecurities kill the relationship you have with yourself and obviously with others. Always remember that you’r enough.
  5. Don’t assume. Ask questions. I am the worst at this myself, but I am making it a commitment to start NOW.
  6. Let people go. It is hard to detached from friends, intimate relationships and even family, but my gosh PUT YOURSELF FIRST. Negative and toxic people drain the energy you’re trying to protect. Protect your peace and sanity; ALWAYS.
  7. TRAVEL, TRAVEL, TRAVEL, TRAVEL, TRAVEL, TRAVEL, TRAVEL, TRAVEL, TRAVEL, TRAVEL, TRAVEL. I cannot stress this enough. Comfort is the root of all evil, not money, but comfort. We make excuses and prolong travel, but please treat yourself. Get up and Go, I am itching to go away again. Traveling will be your biggest teacher. Home is like university and travel is like college. Home is all theory and travel is tangible and gets you out there in the field.
  8. Watch your tongue. Watch your words. Think before you talk. I am the worst at word vomits, I just speak how I feel, but sometimes it gets me in a lot of trouble and hurts those I love the most. Guys, the universe feels your energy and hears you, so with that being said; remember that your words represent you before your actions do.
  9. DON’T COMPARE YOUR LIFE TO OTHERS. We are all trying to make it. We all have bad days. We all have been broke once. We have all been where you are, but we keep pushing. We are all fighting different battles, as we all have different dreams, but are end goal is the same. WE WANT TO BE HAPPY AND LIVE A FULFILLING LIFE.
  10. Do something that you have never done. It could be anything; something as simple as trying out a new restaurant or waking up and booking that first flight.




Everything begins and ends with you. You’re your longest invest, so act and choose accordingly. Tyrese said a few years ago something that has never left me, it went along the lines of something like this; “The 5 people that you’re around the most you become.” I am just going to let that marinate.

God bless you, all. I wish you a prosperous today and an even better year ahead.

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