Ramadan 2017-Tips and Reminders


Ramadan Kareem to you all! We are all blessed to be given the chance to right our wrongs, come closer to the Lord and reflect on our journey, thus far in our lives. I have not been the best version of myself, which resulted in me losing a very close being to me, but also in the process losing my entire being. Ramadan could not have come at a better time for me and God giving me a chance to make it to this Ramadan in itself is a huge blessing.

I am not perfect and I believe nobody is, but this is the month for me to really reflect on my mistakes, to better myself and to give the best version of me to everyone around me. I thought I was at my lowest for losing a being close to me and I have been so hard on myself, but forgetting that God removes people from your life for a reason. It is important to learn to let people go when they want to. Never chase after anyone, because those who are meant to be in your life will stay and those who want you in their lives will make a space for you. I have had a rough couple of months, but I have hopeful more than ever that this too shall pass. Ramadan is my favourite time of the year because it allows me to believe again. It gives me strength when I am at my weakest. It makes me realise that my life is not so bad after all, but rather making unwise choices and putting myself in uncomfortable situations is what brings me that unsettling feeling. Upon reflecting on my life and realising that I have to change for the better, especially in this blessed month I have compiled a list of 10 things I believe we should all keep in mind during this Ramadan season. This is also a reminder for me too, which I have written to post up on my wall.


1. A helping hand is better than the one who receives. Donate to charity and feed the poor
2. Please the creator before pleasing the creation
3. Allah is the best of planners, so be patient. I promise things will get better
4. If someone angers you simply say “I am fasting.” Don’t let others steal your peace
5. Try and understand the Quran. READ! READ! READ! They say knowledge is power, so let us increase our knowledge
6.Encourage others around you to do good.
7. Don’t get annoyed or feel like you’re missing out.
8. Try and go to the Mosque for Taraweeh and Tahajjud as much as possible
9. Pray your 5 daily prayers on time
10. Make the intention of sincerely wanting to change and Allah will surely help you.

I struggle with the things on this list daily, but it is my commitment and goal to tackle this on a regular basis.
May this Ramadan shower you with blessings, forgiveness and guidance to you and everyone around you. Ameen. May Allah accept our fasting, prayers and efforts. Ameen. Let us join hands and make the best of this month. It will fly by, I swear.

Thank you for reading. Please leave comments or suggestions below on how we can all have a successful Ramadan.


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