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Deja Vu- “And it seems like yesterday it was just a dream.”

Black women in Korea; will be the first to tell you that the struggle for us to find a proper hair dresser is like pulling teeth. I know a few hair dressers who are based in Seoul, but Seoul is far away from me, yet again, so I went on a mission to find a hair shop that dealt with black hair, preferably; natural black hair. It was like having deja vu from when I first arrived in Korea; in 2014. Meya, was at it again, but this time it was much easier. There are black hair groups on Facebook that will help in assisting you to find a good black hair salon in Korea: “Natural Hair Braiding in Korea”, “Hair Braiding in Korea”, “Hair Extensions in Korea” and my favourite one, which is “Natural Beauty in Korea.” This group has a lot of posts/discussions about black expats personal hair journey and experience they have had and or having during their time in Korea. You will also be given suggestion for similar Facebook pages that might also be worth looking at. This is a great way to pick a hair dresser to suit your hair needs/goals. This is exactly how I found Ms. Choe’s Hair Salon in Daegu. I am very glad I went to Ms Choe. She is a Korean lady, but with 35 years of salon experience under her belt and the positive feedback I received about her work; I knew I was going to be in good hands. She is amazing with natural hair!

Ms Choe’s Hair Salon in Daegu

This lady knows a thing or two about superb customer service. I did a deep conditioning treatment, a blowout and then straightening. I personally think after the blowout I shouldn’t  have straightened my hair because the blowout already made it straight. I also let her wax my face and eyebrows; then she washed my curly wig. While washing your hair she will massage your scalp and shoulders. It was so relaxing that it made me want to nap.  Her shop is super clean and easy to find; It is in Camp Walker (American Army Base)  and she will direct you if you’re having trouble.

One-Stop Shop-Other Services

1.Full face waxing 2.Eyebrow waxing 3.hair dye/wig dye 4.Lots more



phone number: 010-6661-0297

Should you GO to Ms Choe Hair Shop?

Yes, yes and a million more yeses!

Bonus Tip:

I met a wonderful lady, at Ms Choe’s hair shop who told me about a lady who sells black hair products and she delivers if you can’t make it to her store. Her name is Jessica Fry and her hair store is called Honey Hair. I am about to place my order this week and the prices are reasonable. I contacted her on Facebook and she said it takes 4 days for delivery. We have come a long way with hair care for black people in Korea; it is amazing to see the growth of hair care products and hair salons becoming easily accessible to us.

Honey Hair

“We are outside of Camp Humphrey in Pyeongtaek.”

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Typically replies within a day
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Hours 10:30AM – 8:00PM
Honey Hair Boutique

Phone: 010-9102-5307

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