Chapter 28-Reflection


It is different this time around. I am not amped, nor am I excited like previous years for my birthday celebration, but I just can’t seem to put my head around as to why this year is different. Could it be my fear of getting older? Could it be my fear of feeling like I am behind? Could it be fear of not knowing what’s next? Could it be? I just don’t know. I honestly don’t know, but I will say this: Whatever the reason is, I am super terrified of getting older. This is the first year I didn’t order a dress and this is the first year I have decided to do it a little different. I want to have a quiet birthday because I want to have a full day of reflection, Lord willing. I want to just take it easy, for once to just take it easy. I also want to mention that: travelling to Korea has completely changed my life and the biggest change is; I was able to become less judgemental and more open-minded.

“I hope that you too will choose to have a journey instead of just a life. Actually, I hope it’s a full-on expedition.”-Kelly Cutrone

I will be going to a few countries in January, in Asia. My best friend and I have decided that our big trip will count as my birthday celebration, as well as his. I will now share a few gems that I have learned along the way in what has been quite an adventurous 27 years. I would be a fool to not say this though: I am so beyond blessed to have been able to live this long, as many didn’t get to see their next birthday. God has been my daily teacher and he continues to be the only LIGHT in my life even when I don’t deserve it. I have become more spiritual as the years go by and I am more aware of what it is that I really NEED, rather than WANT. Below in no particular order would be 10 valuable life lessons I think will carry me on to this next chapter in my life and In Shaa Allah (Lord willing), I will be able to continue to learn and share new ones with yall.

Dr. Phil says You should know that: You’re the best thing that could ever happen to anyone and if a man mistreats you, he’ll miss out on a good thing.”

  1. There is something that changes within when you start to focus on YOURSELF and the things that MATTER MOST, to YOU.
  2. It is ok to not be married and have kids like you’ve planned and or imagined. You are not there yet because God is still working on it
  3.  It is ok to respect your parents and still LIVE FOR YOU. You have to be able to separate the two and not feel bad for trying to find your own shoes, so you too can walk your path to leave those footprints behind for others.
  4. Traveling is the greatest gift and one we ALL should have a chance to experience. It really does turn you into a storyteller.
  5. YOU ARE ENOUGH! YOU ARE ENOUGH! I stress this, because of the daily images we are bombarded with, daily.
  6. It is ok to lose friends. A wise man once said, “you are not growing if you are not losing friends.”
  7. Know when to walk away and when to just say, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Try to have a lower tolerance for BS. The more you put up with, the more people will continue to push their envelope with you.
  8. You were created for a purpose, please find that purpose and if you have yet to discover that, DON’T BE HARD ON YOURSELF.
  9. Age is truly just a number, so don’t fear growing up, but rather embrace it.
  10. For my women ALL OVER THE WORLD: Please have your own and NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, RELY ON A MAN.

Oprah said, “Align your personality with your purpose.” 


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  1. i cheer up you! i cant interpretation all of english, but i think that you have a deep idea 🙂 i wanna be like you!!

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