10 Relationship Advice To Live By

Relationships are hard and to have lost yourself in the process can be the greatest loss ever. We all yearn for a significant other, but we must remember to remain true to ourselves. I have learned that these 10 relationship rules will help strengthen your relationship with yourself and your significant other. 1.) Understand your […]

A Healthier Relationship with Money

Anybody who knows me knows that I am a big spender. I have been in the process of developing a healthy and stable relationship with money since I was 16. I am now 27 and I can honestly say that I am getting there.  My greatest challenge continues to be not being able to save, […]

How I Overcame my Standstill

  I was ashamed of heading back to retail. I felt like I was going 10 steps back, because I thought me and the retail industry were divorced for good. Lisa Nichols (motivational speaker and life coach) words kept echoing in my ears; “I have to be own rescue. No one’s going to rescue me.” I […]

26 Things I Learned before Turning 27

  Although the thought of turning 27 has been giving me anxiety, I have realized that it is beyond a blessing to grow older, as many people don’t often get that. I also realized that . Society has a way of making us, especially women feel ashamed about getting older, but I truly believe that […]

Believing In Your Brand

Introduction: The video below is me introducing the line at the tradeshow. So #imatstoronto2016 has come and gone. We surely had an awesome time and looking forward to the next #Tradeshow . Thanks to all the beauties that shopped at our Booth. We love you all. . . #Dhemyscosmetics #Dhemystoronto #imats #imatsofficial #toronto #torontomakeupartist #torontomua […]

Toronto: Through a New Lens

                                                 Photo: Google Images Yonge-Dundas Square- The heart of Downtown Toronto                                          The Mattamy Athletic Centre This past weekend was the Go Global Expo in Toronto and I am so happy I went. It gave me the chance to re-discover Toronto. I was always eager to travel and leave home, but I should have started […]