Ramadan 2017-Tips and Reminders

Ramadan Kareem to you all! We are all blessed to be given the chance to right our wrongs, come closer to the Lord and reflect on our journey, thus far in our lives. I have not been the best version of myself, which resulted in me losing a very close being to me, but also […]

Love Definitely Lives Here…………..A Myanmar Love Story

  I am a sucker for love and adventure, so it was no surprise that I flew in for my dear friend, Jimmy’s wedding. I went from Bali to Myanmar. Myanmar is beautiful and rich in tradition. The sign says: “Welcome to Yangon” and then the rest were in Burmese letters The Taxi driver didn’t […]

Chasing The Crown-Black Girl Magic Style

Host: “Define what ‘confidently beautiful’ means to you?” Deshauna Barber: “To me, confidently beautiful means understanding that it’s not always about your appearance. It’s not always about who you’re around and how they feel you look, where they feel you come from or your economic background,” she said. “Serving in the military has taught me that […]

Living Expenses In Korea

Growing up with my parents and never being able to move out was a good thing after all. I was so eager to want to live alone. I did not really think about the daily and monthly expenses, also known as bills. Fast forward to May 2014, was my first time leaving home and living […]

The Great Escape: English Garden,Patchwork Studio

  전주시 중화산동 2가 750-7 English Garden010-5008-3963(phone)English Garden750-7, Jungwhasan-dong 2ga, Jeonju, Jeonbuk, Korea The Discovery of The English Garden Studio/ English Garden Reading Center My friend and I spent the day with her Korean sister from church and her children yesterday. It was an amazing day in Jeonju. A city 1 hour away from me, but […]

My Kimmy’s Big Day: First Korean wedding(April 11th,2015)

               I love, love…just look at the way they look at each other. April 11th, 2015 was the happiest day of my friend’s life and I honestly would not have missed this for the world. Kim Seon Hwa has been such a blessing to my Korean experience and she […]