Chapter 28-Reflection

It is different this time around. I am not amped, nor am I excited like previous years for my birthday celebration, but I just can’t seem to put my head around as to why this year is different. Could it be my fear of getting older? Could it be my fear of feeling like I […]

I am Exhausted

  I don’t even know where to begin, but I will say this: I am exhausted. I am sick and tired, of being sick and tired. It took me years to embrace and love the skin I am in; flaws and all. I am reminded daily that I am different, because of my skin colour. […]

Third Time is a Charm – Back to Korea

Why Korea, Again? I actually, cannot believe that I am back in Korea; it’s such a bittersweet feeling. I went through an emotional transition in April and May. I felt like I had lost my direction in life. Everyone around me was either in a serious dating situation, engagement, getting married and/or having babies. I wanted […]

Ramadan 2017-Tips and Reminders

Ramadan Kareem to you all! We are all blessed to be given the chance to right our wrongs, come closer to the Lord and reflect on our journey, thus far in our lives. I have not been the best version of myself, which resulted in me losing a very close being to me, but also […]

A Healthier Relationship with Money

Anybody who knows me knows that I am a big spender. I have been in the process of developing a healthy and stable relationship with money since I was 16. I am now 27 and I can honestly say that I am getting there.  My greatest challenge continues to be not being able to save, […]

How I Overcame my Standstill

  I was ashamed of heading back to retail. I felt like I was going 10 steps back, because I thought me and the retail industry were divorced for good. Lisa Nichols (motivational speaker and life coach) words kept echoing in my ears; “I have to be own rescue. No one’s going to rescue me.” I […]

26 Things I Learned before Turning 27

  Although the thought of turning 27 has been giving me anxiety, I have realized that it is beyond a blessing to grow older, as many people don’t often get that. I also realized that . Society has a way of making us, especially women feel ashamed about getting older, but I truly believe that […]